Centrally located in Oslo is Basso Social. Here there is room for 140 dining guests. With us, you have the opportunity to hold parties and events. We have charming premises and skilled staff. We also have several private rooms that you can rent entirely for yourself. Whether you want a less intimate space for a business dinner or a private party in our Chambre séparée with room for 20 guests – the possibilities are many.

Banquet menus at Basso Social

At Basso, we offer two unique banquet menus that are carefully put together to give you and your company a taste experience you will never forget. The menu is inspired by Italian cuisine, with a focus on Nordic ingredients.

Everything you see on the different company menus is part of the menu, so you should not choose between the different dishes, but only choose the menu that suits you and your company.

We guarantee plenty of food, in addition to many different taste experiences – there is something for everyone!

Banquet menu 1

10 dishes

698,- per person
The menu consists of 10 dishes



Main course

Banquet menu 2

13 dishes

798,- per person
The menu consists of 13 dishes



Middle course
Main course

Wine menu 1

4 glasses

588,- per person

Wine menu 2

5 glasses

728,- per person
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Company premises

Chambre séparée

Space for 20 guests

The Masarati Room

Space for 6 guests

High chairs in the bar

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