Welcome to Social Dining at Restaurant Basso. At Basso the perfect dining experience occurs when you are sharing!

We want to give you an intimate and unforgettable restaurant experience. Through our focus on details in the kitchen as well as our personal and present service, we want to create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and welcome.


At Basso, we take our guests on a journey through a carefully selected taste universe. We are talking about The Social Dining experience, which consists of either 10 or 13 servings. When you are a guest at Basso, you have the opportunity to experience many different taste impressions, while having just one dinner.

Our Social Dining Menu changes according to season, but is always strongly inspired by Italian cuisine. With a natural respect for our Danish roots and raw materials, we give the menu a Nordic twist; at Basso, we use the ingredients from the north to inspire us when making italian inspired food.

10 Servings

The menu consists of
Main course

To be selected by the entire table

748,- per person

13 Servings

The menu consists of

Must be chosen by the entire table

898,- per person

Sunday Tasting

Every sunday we offer the special taste universe, which we call Sunday Tasting. Here we let our skilled chefs experiment and create new amazing dishes for you to try. Every sunday you can look forward to trying out a new menu with unique dishes. All you have to do is sit back and let our chefs and waiters guide you through the evening. When you try Sunday Tasting we have a special focus on your particular taste experience, as we, during the dinner, will take notes and report back to the kitchen. In this way we improve our Sunday Tasting week after week.


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