New Year with Basso Social

New Year's menu with 15 dishes

We look forward to celebrating the last evening of the year with you.
Please note in your order whether we will take allergens into account

Happy New Year!


per person


Mammut olives – Buttermilk – Semolina

Fried olives in semolina
Egg, Wheat, Milk

Fresh ravioli – Smoked mascarpone – Panchetta

Fresh ravioli of beetroot with a filling of smoked mascarpone & crispy panchetta
Garlic, Milk

Pie – Jerusalem artichoke – Burned leek

Baked mini pie with Jerusalem artichoke cream, pickled Jerusalem artichoke & burned leek.
Mustard, Wheat, Garlic, Milk

Salsiccia – Basil – Sage

Crispy salsiccia served with basil cream & fried sage
Egg, Mustard, Wheat, Garlic, Milk


Carpaccio - Pistachio - Beetroot

Beef carpaccio, served with pistachio cream, crispy capelli & pickled beetroot Egg, Mustard, Wheat, Garlic, Milk
Egg, Mustard, Wheat, Garlic, Milk

Scallop – Garlic – Browned butter

Fried scallop, in own shell, served with cream of black garlic, pickled currants & browned butter.
Molluscs, Egg, Mustard, Garlic

Portobello – Sofrito – Artichoke

Italian Portobello soup served with sofrito, herbs & artichoke
Garlic, Milk

Middle course

Cod – Langoustine – Caviar

Baked cod, served with rich langoustine sauce & topped with caviar
Shellfish, Milk, Fish

Creamy risotto - Mascarpone - Truffle

Silky risotto made with Italian cream cheese, black pepper, white wine & truffle. This dish is a classic on our menu & an absolute must try.
Egg, Milk, Wheat

Tuna – Crostini – Capers

Crudo of fresh tuna served with crusty bread, lemon & capers cream
Fish, Egg, Mustard, Wheat, Garlic, Milk

Potato frittata - Chives - Mustard

Potato frittata served with chive cream & pickled mustard seeds
Egg, Mustard, Garlic, Milk

Main course

Tenderloin – Lingonberries – Fermented pepper glace

Rosa-cooked beef tenderloin served with fermented pepper glace & pickled lingonberries

Pasta limone – Spinach – Pancetta

Creamy pasta with lemon, parmesan, black pepper & lemon zest. Served with crispy pancetta & baby spinach.
Egg, Wheat, Garlic, Milk

Stracciatella – Pickled tomatoes – Smoked salt

Homemade Italian stracciatella on a bed of fresh tomatoes & pickled San Marzano tomatoes. Topped with smoked salt, basil oil & fresh basil leaves


White Chocolate – Honey – Mascarpone

White chocolate ice cream, served with honey tuile, hazelnut nougatine & cherry dust.
Egg, Milk, Hazelnut

Basso Social Oslo

Celebrate the New Year with us in Oslo, Storgata 10

Basso Social Bergen

Celebrate the New Year with us in Bergen, Strandgaten 53

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